Josh Williams, Core Boards’ owner and builder

“From European boatman to boat builders on the Mississippi, wooden watercraft building is in my family’s genes. Upon experiencing the beauty of a canoe that my grandfather built, I knew that I wanted to get into building wooden watercraft, too. So when my wife asked for a paddleboard year later, I replied with “I will build you one!” I quickly  realized I was on to something. After years of being a contractor in somewhat uncontrolled environments, I found a passion in being in the shop with the smell of wood, the wood shavings, and the chance to focus on one thing at a time. I was in my element as I hand shaped and smoothed a piece of wood into something beautiful. With that first wooden paddleboard, Core Boards was founded.

“We build our boards to last a lifetime and to show the beauty that the wood has to offer. We start with a tested and true ribbed framework as the “core” of our boards. Then we hand select each piece of western red cedar for its strength and beauty to wrap the framework in. We add in some “highlight wood” to give it vibrance and more color, and add the finest components available. Then we spend hours of shaping, smoothing and sanding to give Core Boards the elegant, smooth shape they are known for. Finally, we finish it off with a smooth and durable fiber glassing process to give it a durable finish that will show off the beauty of the board.”


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